Art Submission Guidelines

Criteria for Acceptable Artwork

  1. Artwork must be original and created by the person submitting it. You cannot submit artwork created by another person. The fact that the artist is the one sending me the picture is what gives me permission to post it. If someone else drew it, and you colored it or whatever, that’s fine… but make sure you have their permission, and tell me who helped work on the pic. So, no third-party submissions, unless there is a good reason [such as, the artist speaks no English, and you are the “interpreter”]. As far as original goes – well, see the “Copyright Enforcement” box below.
  2. Artwork must feature a canon [TV show] character/feature as its main focus. This is not an archive for furry or fan-created characters. The site started out that way, but now it is so large, I can’t accept those types of pictures any longer. Thus, the old “fan character” pictures have been grandfathered in. Just don’t send me any new ones. However, it is acceptable to send me a picture that features both canon and a non-canon characters, so long as the canon [TV show] characters are prominent… not just faces in the background. “Feature” only means, it doesn’t have to be a character… we have fan art of the Turbokat, Enforcer tanks, etc. So a picture of an Enforcer jet is OK – a picture of your personal character’s jet is not.
  3. Artwork must be considered “PG-13” or below – no graphic violence, nudity, profanity, etc. The TV show is oriented for young folks, I’d like to keep this fan art archive the same way. If you submit something that I think may be problematic, I will let you know. If you disagree with this, there are other SK fan art archives available.
  4. Any “type” and quality of artwork is accepted – color, b/w, pencil, 3-D, etc. I make no judgment on your artistic ability. If you send it, I will post it! While any “type” of art will be accepted, please be careful of the format. Please send only .gif or .jpg (.png is moderately acceptable) – I have no desire to spend an hour downloading a bunch of .bmps. If you DO send it to me as a .tif, .bmp, or whatever – be warned I’m going to convert it to .gif or .jpg. Also, be careful of file size. A picture that’s 3856×2458 pixels I will probably resize. Anything that’s around 900×900 is plenty big [a 17″ monitor is generally 1024×768 pixels]. There are exceptions to this, like any rule – I understand that file quality is important to some people. However, in general, screen-sized is sufficient. If you don’t want me to resize something, then please say so.
  5. I may slightly adjust specific images to make them more web-viewable. For example, if you send me a lot of pictures, and several of them are color versions of a b/w you ALSO sent me… I will probably only put up the colored versions, unless you request otherwise. Sometimes I will chop out truly excessive “white space” or resize a very large image. I do not change the content of the picture. If I decide something needs “adjusting,” I will always e-mail to confirm before I do it. However, I respect that some artists don’t want me messing with their stuff – you can always tell me not to. In almost every case, I will post everything I get [if it meets the guidelines!] without modifications.

Copyright Enforcement

As an artist, I am very concerned with what is called art theft – essentially, visual plagiarism. Plagiarism is the stealing of another person’s work or ideas (or artwork) and trying to pass it off as your own. In the case of artwork, it constitutes:

  • tracing or visually copying someone’s art without getting permission and without crediting the original artist.
  • taking the picture outright, and replacing the artist’s name with your own.

Please note that those are not the same as imitating a popular drawing style, or a famous picture in your own style. For example, drawing T-Bone in Dragonball Z style is OK. Drawing Callie posed like the Mona Lisa is OK. Tracing someone else’s Dragonball Z picture and making it T-Bone is not OK. Redrawing from sight someone else’s picture is a gray area – if you do this, make SURE you credit the original artist [and asking their permission is even better]. Sprites and sprite cards are technically not original (if you are working off a base model or image) and not accepted on the SKFAA. (If they’re entirely new then that’s okay.)

I don’t want to get into a big argument over this. It is OK, even expected, to trace and copy the work of others – for learning purposes only. That means, if you traced it, keep it to yourself. Don’t try to pass it around where it will be recognized as something not originally yours. It’s unprofessional and generally easily recognizable.

Art theft steals credit and praise from the original artist, who worked hard on their picture in the first place. Don’t steal art. Anyone on this archive who is caught stealing art (especially from another artist on this site) will be removed. This includes art uploaded elsewhere – if you are caught uploading a picture to Deviant Art that is a trace of someone else’s work on this site, you will be removed here. I cannot tolerate art theft.


The artwork on this page belongs solely to its creators. Do not redistribute any of the pictures without permission from the artist. It is acceptable for you to link to their page here – the SK Fan Art Archive has permission to display the pictures. You, generally, do not. Be sure to give the artist any credit they are due. E-mail addresses have been helpfully provided on their respective pages. Please let me know if an e-mail address has expired.

All artwork on this page is copyright its respective artist, unless otherwise noted.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a Registered Trademark and Copyright of Hanna – Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 1994 – 1995. All other characters and situations presented on this page are independently created and are not affiliated with Hanna – Barbera.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a Registered Trademark and Copyright of Hanna - Barbera Cartoons Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 1994 - 1995.
All other characters and situations presented on this page are independently created and are not affiliated with Hanna - Barbera.

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