Comic Jams

A comic jam is a bit like the game where you each tell a piece of a story around the campfire, only with a comic strip. It’s a collaboration of artists working to complete the story! Where that story goes, no one knows. The first artist begins with a vague topic, and each artist adds their own flair or step to it. The results are often amusing and surprising.

These Comic Jams have been taking place at, in the Canon Fan Art Discussion Board. Anyone is welcome to participate, although the only restrictions are that you need to have an login, as well as sign up for them before we begin (so we can determine artist order). The current comic jams are a little bogged down (the artists are all busy or something) but hopefully, future jams won’t take quite so long to complete.

Jam 1 – Ooze

Jam 2 – The Giant Orange Menace

Jam 3 – Madkat’s Holiday (version 1)

Jam 4 – Madkat’s Holiday (version 2)

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